Ferienwohnung in Bamberg

Ferienwohnung in Bamberg - 30 qm, kostenloser Tiefgaragenstellplatz (# 1128)

Ferienwohnung in Bamberg - 30 qm, kostenloser Tiefgaragenstellplatz (# 1128)
Ferienwohnung in Bamberg - 30 qm, kostenloser Tiefgaragenstellplatz (# 1128)
Wohnzimmer (1)
Wohnzimmer (2)
Hauptschlafzimmer (1)
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30 m²


ab 71 € pro Nacht


Herr R. Kraft

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Die Ferienwohnung

voll ausgestattete Küche, sauber, schön möbliert, Sehr komfortabel. Man fühlt sich gleich wie zuhause, hell und einladend, The unit is conveniently located close to the downtown area of Bamberg, Man kann daher bequem zu Fuß laufen bis ins Zentrum von Bamberg (nur 20 Gehminuten), Garage, Man kann vor dem Haus bequem parken, Es besteht die Möglichkeit auf der Straße zu parken. Der nächste (oder bevorzugte) Flughafen ist Nuremberg Airport. Die Entfernung zu diesem Flughafen ist ungefähr 58 km (36.2 Meilen), ungefähr 47 minutes Fahrt mit dem Auto. Wir bieten Ihnen zwei Ferienwohnungen in Bamberg und eine Ferienwohnung in Zapfendorf, im Umland von Bamberg. Jede Ferienwohnung liegt in einer ruhigen, zentralen Lage, ist gut zu erreichen, sowie gemütlich und komfortabel eingerichtet.


gemütliches, ruhiges Apartment für 1 - 2 Personen
abgelegen von Lärm und Verkehr in zentraler sehr ruhiger Lage
keine Haustiere


32,5 m²
1 Zimmer mit Doppelbett, Wohn- und Kochecke
Bad mit WC
kostenloser Tiefgaragenstellplatz
inklusive Bettwäsche, Hand- und Duschtücher

Preise / Sonstiges:

inklusive Endreinigung + Nebenkosten Monats- und Langzeitmiete möglich, Preise auf Anfrage

Zimmer und Ausstattung

max. 2

30 m²


  • Anzahl insgesamt: 1
  • 1 Doppelzimmer

Badezimmer und WCs

  • Anzahl insgesamt: 1
  • 1 Badezimmer mit Dusche


  • Balkon
  • Garage


  • Zentralheizung

Geräte und Zubehör

  • Fernseher
  • TV SAT

Ausstattung der Küche

  • Kühlschrank
  • Mikrowelle


Andere Merkmale

  • Nichtraucherdomizil

Anreise und Entfernungen

Sportmöglichkeiten in der Umgebung

Ort und Lage der Unterkunft

Gemütliches Appartment für bis zu 2 Erwachsene. Abgelegen von Lärm und Verkehr in zentraler sehr ruhiger Lage. Nichtraucherwohnung.


Mietpreis: ab 71 €

pro Nacht, inkl. fixe Nebenkosten

Mietpreis und Modalitäten

Folgend eine Übersicht der Positionen (keine Endpreise), aus denen der Preisrechner den Endpreis ermittelt.
Um den Endpreis zu ermitteln, verwenden Sie bitte nur den Preisrechner.

minimaler Mietpreis: ab 71 € pro Nacht

Preise sind angegeben - pro Objekt - bei einer Belegung bis zu: 2 Personen

Reisezeitraum Mindest-
pro Folgenacht
(ab 8. Nacht)
06.09.16 - 06.09.21
3 Nächte 71 € -- --
ab 06.09.21 Auf Anfrage


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Herr R. Kraft

Herr R. Kraft

Wir sprechen Deutsch, Englisch

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Ferienwohnung in Bamberg - 30 qm, kostenloser Tiefgaragenstellplatz (# 1128)
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Ferienwohnung in Bamberg

2 Personen
30 m² Wohnfläche
1 Schlafzimmer

ab 71 pro Nacht

Die Ferienwohnung hat 4 Bewertungen.

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von Sarah

3 3 3 3 3

Had high hopes when the husband of our contact met us at the station to pick us up. He had no English but did make an effort to welcome us and point out the basics.↵↵We were led to believe our host would contact us but did not happen, therefore had little local information. Apartment was nice, but quite hot and no info re temp control; so left door ajar. The bed was hard, facilities and amenities in good condition, I do not recommend the location of the Property, THERE WAS NO WI FI AT ALL. Wanted to 'Live like a German' but felt a bit isolated due to lack of info.

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von Tina Pete

4 4 4 4 4

My husband and I enjoyed this ferienwohnung very much. The well thought out apartment more than satisfied all our vacation travel needs and made for a perfect stay. Frau Zenk was both friendly and supportive.

The only travel tip I would offer is consideration of translating the apartment welcome information/guidelines into English. This may make it easier if one is not German speaker/reader.

Thank You,

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von Wendy

4 4 4 4 4

The apartment was wonderful, easy access to the bus and easy to get from downtown to the apartment and any where without worry of being lost.

The owners were friendly and I enjoyed staying in the house (wish the beds were a tad softer.)

The owner left maps on how to get around Bamberg, which was nice as buying a map was hard to come by. I would do this trip again and stay with in this apartment again.


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von Brian

5 5 5 5 5

Hi Bettina,
Sorry it has taken me so long to write but we have been suffering from MAJOR jet-lag since getting home at 3.00AM last Monday. I am only today getting around to all of the things that a truly polite person would have done last week.

Firstly, thank you for your help in Bamberg. We were starting to panic a bit because the city was full. We had got lost at one point and a helpful truck driver told us that there was not a solitary room to be had and that we should head down the autobahn to the next town, or even to the one after that. We took his advice but just as we were about to get on the motorway we spotted a hotel a little way off and, luckily, they had rooms.

To summarize: We had a truly wonderful trip to Germany in April-May and I am sorry that we didn't book apartments through you for the entire trip. It can be a real pain heading out each morning wondering where you are going to spend the night. Having that apartment in Bamberg over Easter was Heaven on a stick. The apartment was perfect, close to the bus stop for the city centre and 2 minutes drive to a large supermarket.

I might also add that your help with our communication difficulty was invaluable.

Just as an indicator of how crowded Bemberg gets at Easter, when we were checking out the following day six young Americans came in. That was their 3rd hotel in 6 days. Everywhere they had been was booked for the Easter weekend and they had to move on. Thank God for Mrs Zenk and her lovely apartment! It is a really nice place and only 2-3 minutes walk to the bus stop and a 2 minute drive to the supermarket. There is a really good bakery nearby with a great butcher's shop across the street (from the bakery, not the apartment!). We enjoyed it thoroughly! Mrs Zenk is a lovely person and she went out of her way to be helpful and we all muddled through the language barrier with great good humour, although she was a lot better than we were.

In that regard, we start back to our classes on Friday. Boy, we have a lot of ground to make up. Having said that, every body that we met tried really hard to help us out, even if they didn't speak a word of English and even when they couldn't understand our efforts. We didn't meet a single person who was not willing to give us a break or who would not dredge up half forgotten bits of English from their schooldays or who did not encourage us with our efforts. Truly lovely people everywhere. SO unlike Spain, where people were positively hostile.

Bamberg is beautifully situated near Bayreuth, Nurnberg, Rothenberg and many other spectacular places. It is also a beautiful city in its own right, although I'm not convinced that the river cruise they offer is such a great idea. The guy sitting opposite us fell asleep, if that tells you anything! The trip consists of a cruise down the river for a few hundred meters then a descent through a lock and then a circuit of the local cement works and scrap metal recycling facility. I don't think that the words "repeat business" would mean much to the operators. Still, it was different and Helen thought the young guy who cranked the handle to unlock the 'lock' was cute! Couldn't see it myself, though!

We probably could have planned our trip a little better. We thought Munich, Passau, Berchtesgadenland, Bamberg and Dresden without giving too much thought about places in between. Munich was great. Passau was pretty "touristy" - locals, not foreigners. Also, quite expensive. We ended up crossing into Austria where we had a lovely room in a gastof on the banks of the Danube - oh all right, "Donau" for about half the Passau price.

Berchtesgadenland was spectacular and your should encourage everyone to go there. We stayed in a gasthof just outside a little village called Ramsau. We were there on Palm Sunday and the lady who ran the place invited us to the village church for the ceremonies of the day. All of the local children are confirmed on Palm Sunday and they had a procession through the village and it was all really lovely. Everybody, with the exception of H moi wore the formal navy Loden outfits and it was all very beautiful. I'd have killed to take a few photos but I felt that it would have been intruding and an abuse of our invitation. But it was a lovely thing - and I'm not religious.

We had a few days over the border in Salzberg - beautiful, but everybody knows that. We stayed in Freiburg near Dresden for a couple of days to avoid driving into the city. That was an experience. To see what was so devastated and the loving restoration of what must have once rivaled Paris is quite moving - and I'm not much of a sentimentalist, either.

We were at a bit of a loss as to where to go from there so we ended up in Thuringen (sorry about the umlaut!). What a wonderful place. It must be spectacular in Autumn. We found an apartment in a gasthof near Eisenach and had a great time just driving round through the forest.

All in all, we had a wonderful trip and we will be going back. Next time, our German will be better. Not because it needs to be, because people were so kind, but because I'd like it to be as a bit of respect for all of those total strangers who were just plain lovely and who made such a huge effort to make our stay so enjoyable.

Not least, yourself. You were a great help. Thank you also for the Risk Steves' book which we got when we arrived home. Nevertheless, it will be invaluable for the next trip.

Cheers and thanks again for everything,

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